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Resilience, Habits 1-2

Enlisting in the Navy was a wild ride. As an upcoming senior in high school I answered the call to go “Full Speed Ahead.” What can is say? That cheesy commercial got me. I was eager to get on with the next stage of my life so I entered the delayed entry program and waited… Continue reading Resilience, Habits 1-2

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Sacrificing Virtue for Success

Johnny As a teenager, we cruised! We got in our cars and trucks and drove around our little sleepy town every Friday and Saturday night. Surrounded by fields of corn and soybeans, there wasn’t much to do, so we crept through the strip playing our music loud while chasing our teenage dreams. I had a… Continue reading Sacrificing Virtue for Success

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Fully Known, Part 4

Boyhood Wandering My family has a long line of men who have served in the military. It wasn't expected of us; it just happened that way. My childhood in Illinois was spent wandering the urban jungle while holding my M-16 (stick) and camouflaging myself from neighbors and pesky enemies (oncoming cars) with a keen set of… Continue reading Fully Known, Part 4