Leadership is like a interstate highway system. Just like an interstate has many “on ramps”, the goal is to get to your destination. Similarly, there are many entry points into leadership, but they lead to a certain place, product, or achievement as a church, business, or organization.

Every entry into leadership is unique. Some folks start organizations, churches, non-profits with such boldness while others are ushered into leadership begrudgingly. One is not more bold or courageous than the other, just different.

The acceptance requires bold tenacity and courageous leadership. Therefore, leadership is an honor and privilege  not to be taken lightly. If you are supposed to be in leadership, you may not feel ready or gifted enough but as I have seen over and over, God or someone else hand picks you from potential they see in you. Leadership is learnership (not a real word but you get the point).

Whether you believe the Bible is true or not, there are many leaders in that book (even if you think it is all made up). I am of the bent that the Bible is without error, written with a clear purpose, and it is the literal Words of God (i.e., he is the author). I will be breaking down leadership qualities, traits, and gems over the next several weeks/months from the book of Joshua.

To read from the book of Joshua. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Joshua%201&version=NIV

I hope this is a useful tool for leaders, potential leaders, and those subject to their leadership.


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