Chad’s Story

My name is Chad N. Zueck. I am a father of two and a husband of one. My lovely wife’s name is Marla ( She and I have been married since 1993. We have two children. There is AZ (age 16) and GG (age 8). They are truly gifts from God.

My marriage to Marla, commonly referred to as MJ, has resulted in some of the greatest and most unpredictable moments of my life. She and I are very much different, but very much in love (try not to cry). She and I have been married since November 1993. During these years, she has proven to me that she is the most forgiving person in the world (she has to be… after all, she is married to me).

Various life situations have added friction and grief to my life, but faithfulness and committment prevailed every time. A great life altering event happened at a marriage conference years ago. During the relaxing and self-examination, my life’s calling became more real. The change would bring about a startly discovery into the questions I had prior. Through divine means, God would orchestrate a great life-symphony that would give me a sense of hope and security of which I still gain strength. I served in a pastoral role in a growing ministry in West Melbourne, FL. I have served as Children’s and Small Group Pastor for over five years.

At Liberty University, I received a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies. And now, I assumed the assigment as Lead Pastor of Dublin Bible Church in Dublin, GA. I am grateful and humbled by the chance to serve a great God, and in the coarse of time, I will notate many of the shortcomings along the way. Lead well. Love always. Serve more.

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