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Fully Known, Part 1

I live under the premise that we all want to be heard and understood by others and even by God. This need leads us to be fully known and we have a strong longing for that. To be fully known is to have Someone on your side that you can talk to, gain wisdom from, rub shoulders with, confide in, and experience and celebrate your true masculine self.

This can happen through a coach, on a team, in a church, in a family setting, through a hobby, but is it? 

The primal need to be heard and understood is alive in every human being, and in men, it often goes unspoken and ignored because of certain male (family) codes or machismo that pervades cultures.

A male code could be…

  • Emotion is weakness.
  • Vulnerability is less than manly.
  • People cannot be trusted, so keep it to yourself.
  • Never let them see you sweat!
  • Knowledge is power.

These male codes and versions of machismo are deep subjects and I only add them to explain that these hold men back from their potential to be heard and understood. The desire never goes away, and if ignored, the results are devastating. It is no mystery that men are prone to be in gangs, possess women instead of protect them, commit violent crimes, be incarcerated, and struggle with loneliness and depression.

As a consequence of not being heard and understood, men often settle for going internal. Thus, even more separating themselves from being fully known.

The message that God is speaking is I hear you, I understand you and I even care about what is going on around you and inside you.

This is the way to stop living in the shadow of your true self. 

“Seek the Lord while you can find him. Call on him now while he is near.”                                           Isaiah 55:6 NLT

“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.”                                                               Psalm 55:22, NIV84

This quest to be heard and understood is also a reason why I, with God’s help, am beginning a new movement called A New Kind of Man. The genesis of this movement is a burden to see men glorify God and live out of their best self. So, this brotherhood can communicate through this blog, Twitter @anewkindofman or on Instagram with the same handle @anewkindofman.

Thanks for reading and let’s become A New Kind of Man!

A Follower of the  Way,

Chad N. Zueck


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